Why Us

THINK of us as the
faculty of innovation in the new school of 3D
the best thinkers and makers for turning a thought into a THING
“Is it a foundry, a design studio,
a think tank, an engineering shop,
a futuristic factory floor run
by a bunch of techno geeks?
Yes. It. Is.
And it’s defining what 3D can be.”
Think T2T

With game-changing new tech, new leaders emerge. 3D machine makers now have their leading brands, as do mass market 3D print services.

T2T is the game changer for customer collaboration, the most sophisticated one-stop for 3D at the highest level, a faculty of makers and technicians in emerging 3D.

Best of all, it is a team of artists schooled in old world fabrication to guide you through the new, to achieve both quality and versatility at a fraction of the cost and time and frustration.

“We can eliminate the mold or make a better, cheaper, faster mold.”